About us


The Designer

Born and raised in Ukraine, Marusya Derkunst had a fascinating and enlightening journey across different lives and continents. The former model, psychologist, and yoga instructor was guiding people through physical and spiritual practices on the island of Ibiza when she decided to design and create jewellery with intention, purpose, and a spiritual connection. Having studied with local craftsmen while traveling across the Himalayas years before, Marusya had the desire and the skill to make her dream a reality.
In [year] she moved to Bali to create Madre Kunst, and became the brand’s designer and CEO. Marusya’s designs breathe a sigh of harmony, meaning, and inspiration into the often-superficial world of fashion. She explores themes of mystery and magic; legends from far-away lands and millenia. Her pieces brighten the soul and invite profound exploration, they awaken within the wearer a burning destiny and clarity of inspiration. Madre Kunst, the brand name and Marusya’s alter-ego, represents a priestess of manifestation, a Mother of Creation.

The Designs

Our earliest ancestors adorned themselves with symbols of mystical power. To this day, amulets and talismans remind us of our connection to the divine and help us feel safe and protected. Madre Kunst pieces serve these original purposes. Divine symbols from ancient cultures are paired with the alchemy of noble metals and healing frequencies of stones and crystals to activate power, consciousness, and a link to Source. Elements of sacred geometry invite powerful divine energies to guide your intentions and aspirations from the spiritual into the material world, to help you manifest the song which your heart sings. Designed and crafted with love, Madre Kunst jewellery will attract harmony into your life, and into the lives of those around you.

Madre Kunst’s home is Bali, where a Balinese family factory proudly produces our collections. A village of gifted Balinese women do all the weaving. The family and brand grow hand in hand. We stand together with the women of the world: almost the entire Madre Kunst family is female.

For seven years we have been designing and creating beautiful, meaningful collections, choosing only the most sustainable and environmentally conscious means of production. As such, we release only one or two collections per year — timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion; jewellery you can find in designer boutiques all over the world.

Discover our stunning talismans, the representation of the perfect balance between spirituality and passion, fashion and values, and see why they quickly become perpetual favorites of all who wear them.

Despite the fact that jewelry with meaning is presented in designer boutiques around the world, we choose the most sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of production and promotion, making only 1 or 2 collection a year with the intention to create things that do not go out of fashion for years, timeless pieces bestowed upon the world thanks to their unique design. Finding a balance between spirituality and passion, fashion and eternal values, art and business, we create talismans that become the favorite things of almost everyone who has ever acquired them.