The Madre Kunst Story

Madre Kunst



Jewellery has been an important part of human culture since the beginning of time. People have wanted to adorn themselves with symbols of magic and power. Besides that jewellery has always served a function. Amulets and talismans remind us of our connection to the divine and help us to feel safe and protected.

Madre Kunst is designed to give the jewellery back its original function. Sacred symbols from ancient cultures are united with the healing frequencies of stones and crystals. This power is activated with the alchemy of the noble metals, creating jewellery that speaks to the ancient mysteries that lie deep in the hearts and consciousness of humanity.
The idea of the brand came to Marusya Derkunskaya in Ibiza and was implemented on other island – Bali. Having a great experience of teaching yoga, vipassana, pranayams and the knowledge of spiritual practices, Marusya came to the idea of the jewellery with intention that is made to remind about aspirations, help to balance the energy and to harmonize the life.

Madre Kunst designs are based upon the science of sacred geometry which brings the value and force of powerful divine energies, ideas and conception into material world through graphic reflection of sacred symbols.

Madre Kunst jewellery is made to remind you of your aspirations and focus your intention on the qualities you want to manifest and draw into your life. Designed with love it will attract harmony to your life and the lives of those you love.