Runes and sacred symbols



The rune of movement and growth, it’s main meaning is “the path.” It serves those who are traveling, as well as those who are on a journey of self-realization for body and soul. This amulet helps in business, with legal affairs, and removes unnecessary fights and arguments. It assists you in finding the right solution, and moves you forward in even the most difficult of situations. It is here to protect you in your everyday life.


A symbol of the divine feminine, a woman’s life giving abilities, and Mother Nature. It represents birch trees, growth, renewal and regeneration.


The symbol of joy, well-being, prosperity, beauty and luck. It represents gains, joy, wins, rescue, the sun, and a sail. A powerful rune, its strength is channeled to realize your core soul desires and material needs. It’s your best assistant in physical and spiritual healing. It is used to counter any despair and grief that dims your spirits.


The rune of the sun, strength and victory. It channels the energy of the sun to those who wear it. It gives life energy, health, self-confidence, youthfulness, and aids in your cell’s regeneration. Shining it’s sunny light and helping you see things clearly from different angles, it shows you the best path for a given situation. With this wisdom the impossible can become possible.


The rune of fertility, abundance, virility, movement, reaching a new level, enlightenment and awakening. It gives its wearer a surge of vital energy and increases sex drive. It provides energy to move things forward, and helps you complete things. It’s one of the most positive and strong runes for your personal destiny. It helps when you feel depressed, removes tension, and restores your physical and psychological balance.


A powerful protector, this rune supports our connection to the Divine. It represents a bridge between people and Spirit, and serves to connect us to God and the higher realms. Its shape reminds us of a person who is calling in and receiving energy from Source. For those we wear it, this rune increases their intuitive skills, survival instincts, and insights into the future. With its help you can trust in your divine guidance.


The rune of abundance and wealth. It symbolizes favorable outcomes and success in new beginnings. Its meaning: a year, the completion of a cycle, and a harvest. Its strength is in supporting a successful outcome in areas where you’ve invested a lot of work. It does not force change, but helps to implement it gradually. It nourishes the seeds of possibility that lay within, and helps them manifest at the right moment for the best use of our material investments, time and efforts.


Rune of the hyper-consciousness. The process of concept becoming realized. Transformation of one thing into its opposite Integration of female and male into complete being.


Mystical union and ‘Sacred Marriage’ between partners. Understanding of the true meaning of gifting and binding. Giving of oneself from within Harmony between brothers and sisters and lovers.


Mastery of emotion in order to shape wyrd Guidance through difficult initiatory tests. Initiation into life Increase in vitality and life force.


Rune of the balance and justice ruled from a higher rationality. The rune of sacrifice of the individual (self) for well-being of the whole (society).


A torch illuminating the way, it represents enlightenment and awakening. Kenaz is necessary for everyone, as its power protects creativity, unlocks a person's potential, attracts luck, and supports people to become the creator of their own happiness! It's the rune of painters and artists, craftsman and masters. Kenaz is a force that ignites enthusiasm and illuminates the path, a source of power that gives clarity of thought, analytical abilities, and is the rune of manifestation.


The rune radiates energy that helps to deal with unnecessary doubt and insecurity, and to free oneself of vanity and ambition. It allows one to connect with people with ease, and therefore is a favorite for taking to meetings and negotiations in order to reach one's goals. It helps to advance one's career growth, to become the soul of the company, and easily attract others.


If something in your life feels stagnant - like an important matter that’s not moving forward, an unpleasant situation that feels stuck, or something has dragged on to the point of becoming a chronic illness - then Evaz is your loyal friend. It will help you to develop a new approach to life, work, and people. It will ensure gradual change for the better, healthy recover, and a general improvement in any situation, like the development of an idea or resolution of an issue.


Symbolizes our roots: ancestry, family, home, possessions, property and traditions. In other words, it’s boundaries, safety, a stable roof over your head, and security. It’s the use of one’s ancestral and familial experience, and that of their achievements. For the sake of our descendant’s futures, and in the light of our obligations to our ancestors, a person should take the decision about their life partner seriously. Odal will help you with that.


The first letter in the alphabet of runes, it symbolizes the transition to a new level, and the start of new deals. Fehu creates the space for fresh, unexpected ideas. It expands our own inner energy and increases our chances of positive resolution to our worldly issues. Fehu will direct a flow of financial abundance to its owner. It will gift you prosperity.

Bind Runes


5 pointed star

Pentagram - A symbol of the sun, eternity, protection, high ideals and intentions. We use this amulet to understand our mission and reach our goals.

6-pointed star

Hexagram, the star of Shiva in Hinduism, the star of David in Judaism. It consists of two interrelated triangles and symbolizes harmony of feminine and masculine, and of the divine and material. Strong protective and transformational amulet.

8-pointed star

The star of Venus, beauty and luxury, patronizes the world of fashion, art, and helps to attract prosperity.


Symbolizes abundance, fertility, beauty, motherhood, Devine femininity, principle of eternal life, immortality, intuition and clairvoyance. The moon not only control the tides, cyclic rhythms of nature and menstruations of women but conducts people’s destinies. 

Our moon amulets are all about femininity. They will make deepest qualities of your woman’s nature shine, will help to discover your natural beauty, intuition and charm, allowing you to manifest the power of divine feminine nature.


In most of the cultures Sun symbolizes creative force, masculinity, fatherhood, emperor’s power, supreme deity and its all-pervasive power, symbolical center of Cosmos. Sun represents vital force, passion, eternal youth, spirit, knowledge, it’s a Great door of the world, enter for the immortality and knowledge. Tree with twelve suns symbolizes astrology signs and months of the year.

Moon and star together

Equilibrium of feminine and masculine, finding of your real self, the golden center.


Is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. It is used symbolically by the dharma traditions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, to represent firmness of spirit, spiritual power, indestructibility and irresistible force.

Additionally, it is a weapon won in battle which is used as a ritual object to symbolize both the properties of a diamond.


Asymbol of ancient Egypt that grants immortality and personifies our vitality and sacred sexuality. Its wearer connects with their true essence, realizes their deepest nature and discovers their strength, becoming capable of steering it.  It was used in the cults of ancient Egypt in the great transitions to go beyond the boundaries of manifested reality.

Celtic cross

An ancient cross, appearing in the Celtic culture even before Christianity. It represents the eternal union of the great Mother and Father, who created our world and each person with their unique talents and commitments, as well as our awareness of and acceptance of our path, including taking responsibility for and pledging to realize the full potential of everything that lies within us.
The central star represents our spiritual heart, divine nature, and connection to the absolute. The stars remind us that all the people around us have the same divine nature and that each of us has our own important mission. The circle with openings personifies the perfection of the world, where material forms - beautiful ornaments that they are - transmit the light of the creator to the level they are able to become conscious of it.

The Star of Holy Mother Lada

Is a universal amulet designed for women that deeply embody the feminine and who want to live a long and happy life. It offers protection from the bad intentions of ill-wishers, and is able to give a happy childhood to a little girl as well as a dignified and rich old age to an elderly woman - providing real comfort and stability throughout the journey of life.  An amulet intended exclusively for women, it will help to maintain calm on the love front, as well as ensure peace is preserved in the family and at home, even in the case of serious problems arising in those areas of life.


A symbol of clarity, purity, immaculateness, perfection.  The lotus flower - a symbol of the Great Mother's bosom.

The shell of Daitreya

Emits the original sound of AUM, from which the whole universe is born. The three letters of the sacred sound correspond to three deities in the Hindu pantheon: A - Brahma, U - Vishna and M - Shiva.  AUM is the essence and at the core of every living being.

The shell is used to bring an environment into harmony, to invoke and manifest divine energies and to purify oneself and spaces from negative or harmful entities.

The snake

Personifies wisdom and strength, youth and immortality, as well as endurance in any situation and health. In Hinduism our life force and sexual energy is represented by the snake of Kundalini - which is a manifestation of divine feminine power, Shakti.  Awaking and rising from its place of sleep - from the tailbone up the spine, it unites in the crown of the head with Shiva - consciousness - thus forming a secret union and thereby enlightenment occurs.

Two intertwined snakes

A symbol of love between two realized beings, a sacred union.

A trident (trishula)

Is a symbol of victory and power over the three qualities of nature (tamas, rajas and sattva) - a state of being that gives a person complete control over reality. It acts as a weapon that defeats any negativity and frightens demons. The trident is one of the attributes of Shiva - a Hindu God who destroys ignorance.



​(Red) controls energy, braveness, the will to win, and the ability to turn an idea into actions. This is the planet of passion, sexuality and strength. It symbolizes ambitions and desires, masculinity and strength. Mars increases your energy and fortifies your will.


(Green) is considered a planet of mental activity, innovation, communication, diplomacy, intellectual energy, and adventurism. It controls consciousness, perception and reason, memory, eloquence and literary styles. It affects vision, hearing, our perception and ability to digest information, as well as navigating deals and finding solutions.


(Light blue) is considered the planet of idealism and spirituality. Its sphere of influence includes the subconscious, intuition and clairvoyance. The positive effects of Neptune are manifested in one’s artistic imagination, dreams and insights - in all one’s brilliance and mystery. It helps creative people to get inspiration, and spiritual seekers to immerse themselves in the secrets of existence.


(Grey, black). It is believed that under the influence of Saturn, the character of a person is formed by trials and difficulties. This is a planet of responsibility, symbolizing the value of determined work. They say that Saturn educates us until we learn to do this for ourselves. Self-restraint, asceticism, concentration, discipline, order, will, power, introversion, insight into the essence, wisdom, renunciation of worldly things - these are "gifts" from Saturn.


(Orange, purple) a planet of luck, optimism, success, wealth and generosity. Jupiter brings joy to life. In mythology, Jupiter was considered the ruler of the heavens, the supreme God of all Gods. He was all-powerful and a Patron Saint, symbolizing dignity, honor and wisdom. Astrologers call Jupiter the Big Happiness.


(White, gold) patronizes love, the arts, beauty and harmony, talents, cordiality, friendship, jewelry and wealth. This planet controls the higher emotional realms, and her most precious gift is happiness. It can be said that Venus makes life beautiful.