Moon Cycle Pearl Choker. Silver

Moon Cycle Pearl Choker. Silver

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This charming pearl choker with silver charms reminds us about Moon cycles and their effects on our body and inner energy.

The Moon goes through four phases each month and every part of it affects our daily routine. The new Moon is the best time for planning and dreaming. The growing Moon is the period for new projects and successful beginnings, building relationships and raising a family. The most powerful phase for women is the full Moon; it is the source for magic rituals, important meetings and love. The waning Moon symbolizes purification; you can purify yourself and spaces from negative energy.

The pearl is another valuable symbol in this elegant choker. This organic jewel was brought into the world by a pearl shell: a noble stone that is truly a female talisman, serving to connect us to real water elements and the wise Moon.

Our mystical moon talisman reveals your sexuality and physical charm, while providing a gentle reminder to honor your own energy. You can enhance the positive effects with other Madre Kunst jewelry of the same style: Moon Phase Ring, Moon Phase Cuff or Moon Phase Earrings with pearls.

Material: 0.925 sterling silver, pearl
Length: 41 cm
Pearl size: 2 - 3 mm
Charms sizes: 0.5 x 0.5 cm; 1 x 1 cm; 1.5 x 1.5 cm
Adjustable between: 35 - 41 cm